What a Winter!

Not at all conducive to staying outside very long barefooted.  Them <0 degree wind chills have been keeping me to short trips to the barn or mailbox and back for most of the winter so far.  Any longer trips outside are with my trusty water socks.

Spring is coming and I can hardly wait to be mudding on the trails again…and getting an early start on my scything.

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A few days late

getting this posted.

I went for an 8+ mile hike last Friday near Kinzua Beach in the Allegheny National Forest near Warren, PA with a few people from the Buffalo Outdoor Meetup group.  We first hiked the Rim Rock Overlook trail then did the short loop of the Morrison trail.  The Morrison trail was the better of the two – as in having the most roots and rocks.  My feet got a good massage that I am still feeling today – well, the 5k I ran on Saturday was a contributing factor :)

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Tractor Supply Company Revisited and Edited – TSC gets +++


A while back I reported that TSC was barefoot tolerant if not  friendly.  I’ve been shopping there barefooted without any problem for three years.  Granted, my wife does go in more than I.    That freedom and respect ended last month when I, ironically, went in to buy some boots to protect me from poison ivy.  An associate said I needed shoes on to be in the store.  I told him that I didn’t for the last few years and went over to where the boots were, found what I wanted, and checked out.   After he had my money, he said that I would have to wear shoes the next time I came in.   I told him, in that case, I won’t come in again.

Which brings us to today… I went get there to get a couple bags of wood chips for bedding.  I stood outside until I could get the attention of an associate.  After 10 minutes or so, I unfortunately got the same guy that basically threw me out the last time I was there.  I asked him politely if he would get  the bedding for me.   He said,  ” You need shoes on to come into the store. ”   I  told him I had no intention of going in the store.   He said that I needed to pay for my purchase at the register.   I offered the money for him to pay for me.   He said I needed shoes on to be in the store and started to walk away.  I asked him why you let dogs in barefoot… No answer…

I left without the bedding.

The question begs to be asked.   Why does TSC welcome barefooted dogs, but not a barefooted, paying customer?  Why do they think they know better than I how best to protect (the bottom) my feet from injury?  I would certainly be more inclined to injury of the tops of my feet and ankles when wearing flip flops or sandals. Why would the employees be rude to customers when their published (on their website) mission and values….. Oh, wait, their mission and values statement has nothing to do with customers… It’s all about the company and employees.
http://www.tractorsupply.com/contents about-us-landing.html#about_us

That explains a lot about them having no respect for customer lifestyle choices.

I welcome any response from anyone, especially from TSC management.


And I got a response!

From the District Manager this morning – 7-15-2013

He said he called because of my email letter to customer service.  Basically his response was that there was no bare feet policy at Tractor Supply Company and that any signage would be modified.  He told me to give it a couple days to get things straightened out and I would have no problem shopping at TSC.  I thanked him and said that I appreciated his attention to this.  He also said that if I had any problem, I could call him.  I said that I would probably have someone at the store call.  He said that would be OK too.

The email letter I sent can be seen at –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/societyforbarefootliving/10153020198765311/

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Ken Bob Saxton visiting

Having visitors since Saturday.  Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton and his faithful companion, Psycho Herman.   You can Google either one.   They were here to give a presentation on running safely while barefooted or minimalistly shod.


And, surprisingly, we had people show for it.   Thanks everyone that showed Sunday.

Since sitting around gets boring, on Monday, we went on a hike at the Deer Lick Conservation Area near Gowanda, NY.




As you can see, we managed to find some mud, so before we got home we stopped at a creek on my road to wash off.


Today, after I got done with my yoga class this morning, Ken Bob and Herman met me at SUNY Fredonia for a run… I didn’t take any pics of that.

Ken Bob and Herman are leaving tomorrow,, so we might indulge in some more of what we indulged in Saturday.


While we watch the sun go down this evening.


It was a good weekend.

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Still barefootin’

Nothing much stops me…a lot of snow slows me down.  I can run on dry cold roads but when the road is cold and wet, it’s pretty much a no go.  Snow on top of my feet freezes them as it melts.  I am looking forward to Spring and muddy trails.

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Thumbs down on Rite Aid

In Silver Creek, NY.  I stopped in to get a prescription filled and while waiting, the manager told me I needed shoes on to be in the store.  I asked why and he said barefeet were a health risk.  I asked for who..  he said everyone.  Well, you can’t argue with a fool so I left…bought some lottery tickets on the way out.  Picked up the prescription at the drive through.

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Gemstreetusa- thumbs down

I had a bit of a downer today.  Went to a gem show today at the Erie County Faigrounds in Hamburg.  I’ve been yhe the  Gemstreet USA show several times in the past barefoot and didn’t expect this time to be any different.

After I was there, 15-20 minutes and spent about a hundred bucks, a security guard comes up to me and says I need to have shoes on to be on the building.  I asked why and he said it’s a health rule.  I told him it wasn’t and I had a letter to prove it.  He then said the lady that runs the show asked him to escort me out and would I like to speak with her.  I said yes.  He went to talk with her, came back and said she (Jane Strieter I believe) would talk to me and would I please wait by the door (still inside).

I waited a while and talked with the guard about living the barefoot lifestyle, went to my car and got a copy of the state health dept letter that said there is no rules or regs against bare feet in retail establishments, which he was interested enough to read.  Waited some more and the lady never showed.  By that time, my wife was mostly done shopping, so I went to a vendor that was holding a purchase for me and we left.

Needless to say, I will never go back (unless I get an apology- not holding my breath).

And people wonder why the internet is gaining ground on store/show retail sales.

Rudeness and prejudice will lose out in the end.

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August 22

That was the day  I quit my job driving bus.  That was also the last day this year that I’ve worn anything on my feet.

I almost broke that string today.  My wife has her Roswell Park Cancer Institute check-ups today.  I decided that, rather than give in to the ignorance of the administration on their stand about bare feet, I stay in the car in the parking ramp and blog about it…along with  a FaceBook post.

Thank (insert any god or non-deity entity you wish) for smart phones.  I’m reading “Anna Karenina” on my Kindle app.  More than enough material there for 3-5 hours of waiting.

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BF update

I quit my job driving bus because, for some reason known only to (your choice of deities) they decided, after 3+years that I couldn’t have a couple weekends off that I always take off.  As a result I have been barefoot 24-7 since Aug 22.  During that time, I’ve taken several 4+ mile hikes with my Meetup groups.  I also run or walk 3 miles or so 2-3 times a week.  Today I ran a 5k in 36:49 – a PB.  I still have 3 or 4 hikes scheduled for October.  That’s it….

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Nothing much to say….

I can’t see the virtue in reciting every moment I go barefoot when about the only time I’m shod is when I’m driving bus.

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